Personal Training

Personal Training is a complete 1:1 program and provides personal attention to achieve maximum results. You will learn to move with proper technique during exercises that make sense. I am someone who will respect your level of fitness and only targets achievable goals.

Whatever your motive is, I offer you a no-nonsense approach based on facts and you’ll get wiser in terms of training, nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle.

Online Coaching

Based on your objectives, experience level, and your personalized trainingsschema`s and nutrition plan drawn up by a certified Personal Trainer. In this form of guidance remotely get access via a login code to you unique lifestyle plan, a plan that works!

BLOG: what type of muscle fibers you train?

Is that really something that exists, and it is possible to do certain exercises that focus on one of those type of muscle fibers? The answers, in brief, are: Yes, indeed you possess different types of muscle fibers that produce energy in a different way. and, Yes, these different types of muscle fibers can be…