BLOG: what type of muscle fibers you train?

Is that really something that exists, and it is possible to do certain exercises that focus on one of those type of muscle fibers?

The answers, in brief, are:

Yes, indeed you possess different types of muscle fibers that produce energy in a different way.


Yes, these different types of muscle fibers can be trained by doing specific exercises.

In general, we start from type 1 and type 2 muscle fibers, which are classified as slow twitch and fast twitch.

What you should know about Type 1, or slow twitch, muscle fibers:
• They are using oxygen in order to allow muscle contractions
• They are also called red muscle fibers because they contain more blood.
• They can be a task to sustain long but do not generate a lot of power.
• They are the first used during a muscle contraction but if they can not generate enough power that is needed the second type will (fast twitch) muscle fibers are involved.
• The muscles which are responsible for the maintenance of good posture (core muscles) contain more type 1 (slow-twitch) muscle fibers.

How do I train one muscle fiber type:
• Isometric exercises, or exercises that keep you in a certain position with little to no movement of joints. For example, a front shelf or side plank.
• Strength training, circuit training and exercises with own body weight that you use lighter weights and doing a higher number of repetitions (more than 15).
• Steady state cardio workout

What you should know about Type 2, or fast twitch, muscle fibers:
• They use the stored ATP in the muscle as a fuel for muscle contractions.
• They can generate more power but are quickly exhausted.
• They are responsible for the size and definition of the muscle.
• They are called white muscle fibers because they contain little blood.
• Type 2 muscle fibers can be subdivided in 2A and 2B, with 2A by more specific training type 1 or type 2B can be.

How do I train type 2 muscle fibers:
• Strength training with heavy weight
• Performing explosive movements
• Type 2 muscle fibers are quickly exhausted so concentrate on about 2-6 reps for maximum effectiveness.
• Because you’re going so fast through the ATP fuel stored in the muscle have long rests between sets needed. Assume at least 60-90 seconds to have enough ATP available again for the next set.

Would you be better at endurance sports then it is useful to focus on training your type 1 slow twitch, muscle fibers.

Do you want to become stronger and more explosive than you so you better get involved with training your type 2 fast twitch, muscle fibers.